Greely Players Performing Arts Bursary

Each year the Greely Players make available bursaries to high school graduates in the Ottawa area to continue their studies in the performing arts. These bursaries are awarded in July/August of each year. Potential applicants should check our website in May/June of each year for application requirements.

Applications for the 2023 Greely Players Performing Arts Bursary are now open!

Applications can be found here.
Criteria for bursary considerations can be found here.

Former Bursary Winners

2022 Bursary winners Carrie Blair.
2022 Greely Players Exceptional Involvement Award recipient: Kate McEwen

2021 Bursary winner: Aiden Jellinek, Patrick Bolton, Jaidyn d'Entremont
2021 Greely Players Exceptional Involvement Award recipient: Eric Currie

2020 Bursary winners Chloe Nash, Mikayla Wills, McKenna Mellon.
2020 Greely Players Exceptional Involvement Award recipient: Henry Freeth

2019 Bursary winner: Laura Seaborn, Allison Downes
2019 Greely Players Exceptional Involvement Award recipient: Holly Currie

2018 Bursary winner Adison Rossiter.

2017 Bursary winner Violet Wyche.

2016 Bursary winners Emma Grant-Zypchen(L), Nicole Ford and Kristy Hagerman. (Morgan Piironen and Claire Leslie-Turnbull absent)

2015 Bursary winners Cameron Plant, Taryn Waldorf and Sonja Peters receive their bursary awards from Greely Players President Joan Bruce-Nibogie. Absent was the 4th award winner, Matt Chin.

2014 Bursary winners Caelan Roberge-Toll(L) and Keara Leibovitz(R)

2013 Bursary winners Troy Arsenian(L), Carolyn Farnand(R) and Peter Klassen (absent)

2012 Bursary winners Stephanie LaRochelle and Natalie Hart

2011 Bursary winners Mychele Lebrun, Adam Robillard(photo!), Diana Farnand, Kyle Burghout, Maria Warren, Jesse Gervais, Michelle Stewart and Jose Fernandez(absent)

2010 Bursary winners Christina Deaville and Kaitlyn Pyett

2009 Bursary winners Austin Lamarche

2008 Bursary winners Marianne Moore, Emil Briones and Kristen Cooke (photo not available)

2007 Bursary winners Catherine Martel, Sonya Matoussova and Caitlin Stewart

2006 Bursary winners Lesley Raven

2005 Bursary winners Sarah-Mae Pyndus, Leah Cogan, Stephanie Geary and Ian Quane

2004 Bursary winners Tristan Boucher and Gareth Thomas

2003 Bursary winners Lynn Peterson and Tanya Sylvester

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